Catering to all manner of tastes, preferences, and therapeautic needs, we offer a variety of strains drawn from some of the best genetics out there, including proprietary Organi-King Breeds


Patient Focused, Committed to Compliance.

Seed 2 Soul Collective is a Cloverdale-based nonrpofit mutual benefit corporation, operating under California’s medical Cannabis laws. Our mission is to facilitate and ensure patient access to natural, organic, top-shelf cannabis, now and into the future. Committed to full transparency and total compliance with MCRSA, we are a new type of collective with an eye to the legal future while embracing the Sonoma-grown heritage in our heart.


Fueled by Nature and Sonoma Sunshine.

Seed 2 Soul Farms manages and operates numerous outdoor cannabis gardens throughout Sonoma County. Nurtured by Big Rootz Soil, our gardens are all seed-grown, adhering to strict organic farming practices and the cleanest, purest operations in the industry. Under the guidance of cannabis icon Patrick King (aka The Soil King), the OrganiKing Consulting Group brings professional, large-scale cultivation expertise to all of our organic gardens.


Pure and Clean for Patient Confidence.

All of our medicine undergoes rigorous quality control and laboratory testing that exceed legal requirements and industry standards. Our Soil King Signature Series lets our patients know that their medicine is free of pesticides and contaminants that others don’t test for yet. Everyone wants to know potency, but we believe patients deserve to kow much more about their medicine. The mantra is simple: Quality before quantity; health before wealth.


Premium Selection, Any-Way You Need It.

The Soil King’s signature indicates our stamp of approval on a line of medicinal cannabis products and flower. Our patients rely on our discerning eye for quality and impeccable taste for purity. We cater to all manner of patient needs, with a product that currently includes beautiful flower and pressed rosin in many flavors. Coming in 2017 are matching series of topicals, extracts, tinctures and other products under the Soil King Signature Series.

The Soil King Signature Series
Our Rosin Promise to You

  • Products meet exceptional standards of quality: free of mold and mildew, and pesticides.
  • Utilizing only organic separation and filtration processes
  • Natural, safe, and effective medicine
  • Always cultivated, prepared, and presented with the patient in mind
  • Always sourced from Seed 2 Soul Farms organically grown flower



Mamas Boy

Seed 2 Soul Wine

Our vineyards grow on hillsides at 1,000 feet elevation above Lake Sonoma in Sonoma County. We use natural, sustainable agricultural practices and no chemicals. The intense flavor of the soil becomes the wine. We blend this rich Zinfandel with a small amount of our Petite Sirah, and age the wine in new and old oak barrels for 30 months. Because this is a living wine, the rich flavors will fluctuate from time to time. The wine will age for many years to come. When opening it’s best to let it breathe for an hour.

Industrial Hemp VS. Whole Plant Cannabis: How much does your CBD source matter?

In recent years, the medical cannabis community has been buzzing about cannabidiol, a.k.a. – CBD, and its ability to bolster many health benefits while being free of an intoxicating, psychoactive affect. There are numerous conditions for which scientific and clinical studies have shown the efficacy of CBD as a therapeutic medicine: chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, diabetes, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, sleep disorders, and alcoholism – just to name a few!


CBD works with receptors throughout your endo-cannabinoid system to fightconvulsions, inflammation, and even cancerous tumors.

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